Thank you for taking the time to learn about A Rose & Associates!  We have
been in business since April 2006 and have been incorporated since July
2007.  Do not let these dates fool you - we are not new to the industry!  Here
is what we bring to your table:
about our company
Litigation Project Management
Technology Training and Support Services
Western Pennsylvania's Premier Litigation Support Specialists
Alana Rose
Litigation Project Management Consultant
Summation Certified 2.8 Trainer

Alana Rose is the force behind A Rose & Associates, the premier provider of Litigation
Project Management Consulting and Services in Western Pennsylvania.  Ms. Rose
provides in-depth training and consulting to firms and corporations, focusing on managing
the litigation process through technology.  Alana Rose has an incomparable understanding
of the litigation process and related strategies, and possesses advanced skills and practical
experience in the technical and creative management of large litigation cases.  She has
lectured and conducted many workshops and seminars on the use of litigation
technology, courtroom presentation techniques, Litigation Project Management, and

Her legal background spans over 20 years, and her vast knowledge of all areas of the legal
process enables her to provide firms and corporations with technology solutions geared
toward their practice area needs.  Ms. Rose is frequently called upon to evaluate complex
databases and unruly e-discovery projects.

Alana Rose is a member of AAFPE's Editorial Board and is also the co-founder of the
Pittsburgh Litigation Support Group.  She is an instructor of litigation support
technology at the Duquesne University Paralegal Institute.  She is also a former in-house
Litigation Support Manager and Manager of Imaging and Technology Services with a
local service provider.
Karen Shaak
Project Support Consultant

Karen Shaak is a 2002 graduate of Carlow College in Pittsburgh, PA.  Mrs. Shaak has
been with A Rose & Associates since December 2006.  She trains in Microsoft Office
Products at the introductory level.  With her speed in dealing with any data collection,
she has rapidly become well-versed in assessing data coding and reviewing needs.
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