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Litigation Project Management
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Already Piecing It Together On Your Own?
Litigation is a large puzzle with many tiny pieces.  From collecting data to the final
document production, there are countless small but extremely important steps to take to
ensure a successful conclusion to any case.  A Rose & Associates is the consulting group to
help you fit all of the pieces together seamlessly.

With the ever-changing rules of e-discovery, legal cases can easily spiral into something
unmanageable.  A Rose & Associates offers a broad knowledge base and an in-depth
understanding of the latest in litigation support technologies.  We work with each client to
fit this knowledge and understanding with their individual needs - litigation support is not a
"one-size fits all" industry.  
By appointing us to manage your case, you now have one
person taking point on all aspects of your case, ensuring more efficiency and better cost-
A Rose & Associates is committed to working with you piece by piece to
give you the whole picture.

A Rose & Associates is the ONLY litigation project management company in Western
Pennsylvania that does it ALL.  With over 20 years of legal and software experience and
connections all over the United States, there is nothing that we do not handle.

Furthermore, A Rose & Associates is more than a consulting business.  We are passionate
about the law, the changing technology, and the changing legal landscape.  We are therefore
looking to help you maximize your resources while saving your company money.
Do you already use a litigation software tool in-house, but could use some help here and
there?  Do you want to use your own tools in-house?  
A Rose & Associates does the detail
work as well.  From software sales to training to technology and e-discovery support, we
are available
not only to guide you to the right tools and processes to fit your needs, but to
help deal with the day-to-day issues that arise from using this technology
The Legal Puzzle
We are the missing
piece of your
litigation puzzle!
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